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Thunder & Lightning 888 - Agyo & Ungyo Gods Canvas Art Print

Thunder & Lightning 888 - Agyo & Ungyo Gods Canvas Art Print

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Among golden clouds lightning flashes across the red horizon as two powerful thunder bolt carriers consumed with radiating energy stand in powerful martial poses ready to protect the world and everything in it.

The thunder bolts they are holding display their supernatural powers. The golden crowns resting on the heads of these two guardians clarify their king status. Their prominent eyebrows exemplify wisdom.

The Alpha Royal Guardian wearing reddish golden garbs with his mouth opened aggressively represents overt power. He is capable of exhaling extreme vengeance.

The Omega Royal Guardian wearing bright golden garbs with his mouth closed represents latent might. He inhales massive amounts of molecular energy, which can be catastrophic if utilized.

These guardians are the yin and yang of the universe. The Alpha Guardian is of yang energy and the Omega Guardian is of yin energy. In the middle of these imposing guardians is three infinity eights which represent the eternal cycle of the universe and the balance of power.

Buddhism is a peaceful religion. However throughout Asia, in ancient times this led many people with the wrong intentions to try and take advantage of Buddhists peaceful nature. Due to this, Buddhists accepted the fact that evil needed to be met with an unearthly force — a force that would make all enemies bow down to a righteous power with superhuman strength. Demons and forces of evil are said to retreat in fear when they see these powerful protectors of the earth realm.

These royal guardians are most popular in Japan, known as the Nio Protectors of Japan, Agyo and Ungyo. They are called General Ha and General Heng in China. In Korea, they are called Miljeok Geumgang and Narayeon Guemgang. They were most popular in Japans samurai era, during China's Tang Dynasty, and around the time of the Hwarang Knights in Korea.

In life everyone desires to live a peaceful existence. However, kindness should never be taken to mean weakness. When injustices occur there must be a balance. If a force desires to abuse and harm your way of life, there must be accountability!

When those we care about are harmed, we can no longer turn the the other cheek, we must take action! To do this one must level the playing field.

Rise up! make your thoughts and feelings known with a ferocity that sends shockwaves all across the world. Give these evil doers a path to retreat across like the cowards there are. The lesson being that when it is known you possess the power to protect your way of life few will be brave enough to try and destroy it.