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Serenity Asian Crane Reflection Art Print

Serenity Asian Crane Reflection Art Print

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A clear blue sky, magnified by a golden glow, can be observed as the scene flows downward towards the gentle waves gliding over a pond’s edge. At the water’s edge a mystical red eared crane is standing alone having a divine moment in seclusion.

The Chinese consider the crane the prince of feathered creatures and because of this esteemed title the crane has been given legendary status. The crane is often considered a holy creature and believed to possess an extraordinary life span. Due to this, the crane is a symbol of longevity, peace, and good fortune.

This crane is standing in a graceful posture in a position of natural authority. An infinity eight is behind the crane representing the sun and the eternal cycle of life. This crane is in the realm of solitude, composed in a position of heightened awareness and self discovery.

Sometimes in private moments, when people take the time to relax and reflect on life they can be reminded of the need to be patient when they encounter any type of challenge. A calm composed mind can find positive solutions in the most efficient manner. After analyzing a situation very carefully, one can move forward with new found knowledge, and clarity of purpose.

When people embrace this way of thinking they realize that there is prosperity on the horizon and good things are to come. 888


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